Grace Program

The GRACE Program

The GRACE program is designed to meet the needs of diverse learners with mild/moderate disabilities in a co-ed Catholic high school setting.  GRACE students will have the opportunity to attend a great variety of classes and events at Archbishop Hannan High School and will each be assigned HAWK BUDDIES to assist them.

The support of peers to our GRACE students will be extremely important to the success of this innovative high school program.  The HAWK BUDDIES will be an important resource to our GRACE students throughout the day and at after school activities.   They will be instrumental in assisting GRACE students with:

  • Communication Skills
  • Inclusion classes (Religion, PE, Art, Music, Theatre, Band)
  • Lunch
  • Extra-curricular activities (Clubs, athletics, pep rallies, events)
  • Spiritual events (Mass, retreats, service learning, prayer services)
  • Self-Confidence

Through the HAWK BUDDY program, BUDDIES will also grow in understanding and empathy for all people, learn to appreciate differences, improve their communication and leadership skills, and develop dependability, patience, and gratitude.

HAWK BUDDIES will operate as a club on campus and is open to any student in grades 8-12.  Students will attend a training session in the beginning of the year and check in monthly with the moderator.

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